First Beavers Meeting

Had a very excited boy today, his first Beavers meeting was this evening. He was very excited to put his uniform on (was so excited that yesterday he actually put it on and got in the car waiting to go to Beavers!). Was a little worried to see how he would interact in a new surrounding and new situation, I usually am concerned with him as I want him to fit right in but that isn’t always the case. Tonight however proved to be another proud dad moment!! We got there and they were playing “what time is it Mr. Fox”, once we registered him up for attendance he jumped right in. Some kids were walking in time and others were running to the other end of the gym and back (My son of course did the latter) but it was great to see him excited and a relief to see some of the other kids behaving the same way.

All in all a great day, he was very excited to see us when we came to pick him up and he came over and gave his sister a big hug!!


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