Proudest Moment

I think my proudest moment with my son was a little over a year ago; we had to move away to get ABA therapy as the cost was just too much where we lived. My son had progressed to the point where he really didn’t need the therapy and we decided to move back. I will never forget the first time my friends got to see my son after being away for a year.
A group of my friends were doing some work outside and asked if I could help. I went there and brought my son along with me, a few other kids were there as well and my son jumped right in and started playing with the kids (jumping in the pile of soil, talking and interacting with the other kids). Of course I see my son every day so this was nothing new to me at this point but my friends were blown away. I will never forget going to pick up some extra sod with a few of the guys in the truck and all of them turning to me and saying. “I cannot believe this is the same kid we saw a year ago, he is a completely different boy.” That simple statement will stay with me for the rest of my life as it told me that all of the sacrifice, all of the stress, the financial burdens, and everything we have gone through was worth it just to hear those words and know that there is hope and to stay positive no matter what life throws at you.


One thought on “Proudest Moment”

  1. Hi: You will so many more proud moments and they will all rank the same. As you follow your son through school, you will have a lot of frustration as well. I think as a parent with a child on the spectrum we take joy in the ordinary. Maybe that’s what makes life work the way it does – we take the time to rejoice in the ordinary!

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