Pumpkin Picking and Random Things kids do!!

So another weekend goes by and yet another adventure with the kids. My son and daughter love being outside and just can’t get enough of it. The weather was great this past weekend so the bulk of the weekend was spent in front of the house riding bikes, playing tag, and hide and seek. Oddly enough I went to pick up some groceries and when I got back there was a massive tree branch in the walkway blocking the front door. I put the groceries down and proceeded to drag the branch back across the street. I went on into the house, unloaded the groceries and headed back outside where I was greeted by my son who looked straight at me and said “What, you didn’t like my branch?” I cracked up!! Sure enough I went in for a shower and came back out a few hours later to see the branch back on the front lawn!!

Last night was Beavers meeting number 2, I was late getting home from work so the kids mom took the them to the meeting which was at a farm. About 7:30 or so I heard the kids come in and when I looked up here was my son with a big pumpkin and my daughter with a little pumpkin. Both had smiles on their faces from ear to ear it was quite a sight to see.

I have to say that since my daughter has become old enough to play along side my son it is a true joy to see the two of them in action. Before when they would play together it was only a matter of time that I would hear a smack, or push, or fall, followed by my daughter crying. Now they both laugh and giggle and play so well together, and fortunately my daughter is tough enough to put my son in his place when she needs to (it is actually quite funny to see). I was always worried how having a little brother or sister would be for my son and at first it was a challenge. It was tough on him and her but I really think that as they both got a little older that having a little sister has actually been a real help for my son. He has someone to play with all the time that loves him unconditionally and he is never left out, it helps him develop social skills as my daughter is a great little communicator (I sometimes say she is 2 going on 16), so their interactions are fantastic.

I am preparing to head out of town for a few days this week and it will be the first time in almost 2 years that I have been away from the kids. As much as I am looking forward to getting away with the guys for some golf and good times part of me is really having a hard time with it. I love being able to play with the kids in the evening, bath time, brushing their teeth, and giving them a kiss good night is something that I am used to doing everyday. So going without them for a few days feels very strange to me, but I guess I will have to suck it up, hop on the plane, and get some golf in. Oddly enough my little girl told me she was going on the plane with daddy as well, she is not going to be impressed as I only have one ticket!!


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