Nice Note From School

With a son on the spectrum going to school, you normally hear about the horror stories of not enough attention, being told your child is a distraction to the other kids, and other negative things. This morning though there was a different message received from my son’s school.

Each day my son comes home with homework (which he loves and hates), and the odd note is written in his book on how the day went. This morning there was a note written in there and the usual was there but it ended off with the following:
“We hope he loves school as much as we love having him here”

I put a big smile on my face and realized that my little boy is having the same impact he has on family and friends on his teachers at school. After reading about all the challenges that parents face from the school system I thought it was really great that they would put a note in there for us to let us know how much they like having him there.


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