Just a quick note (or update) about an earlier post. I had written the other day about how my son brought this massive tree branch onto my front yard. Well I have been taking the branch putting it on the other side of the road and each day when I come home from work it is on the lawn again!!! He really likes this branch I guess!!

So on Tuesday night I decided enough is enough so I took the branch and put it out to be picked up by the garbage collectors (down the road a little from the house). I figured there is no way he will find it before it gets picked up. Boy was I wrong!! Sure enough, I get home from work walk towards the house and guess what greets me on the front lawn, the tree branch!! As much as I was fuming that this 6 foot long by about 4 foot wide branch was sitting right in the middle of the lawn again I had to have a quick laugh and admire my son’s determination!! I walked into the house and sure enough there he was with a big grin on his face, overjoyed that he got his tree branch back. I gave him a big hug and am now trying to figure out how to outsmart him and get this eyesore off my front lawn. Something tells me I may be stuck with this branch for a while!!


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