Why toys R Us Why!!

You have to wonder sometimes why the hottest and new toys out there always seem to be out of stock and the only way to find them is to go to the store all the time and hope you get lucky and find them. As most parents out there may have already heard of the latest and greatest game out there these days Skylanders, and as with everything else that comes out for some strange reason there is a shortage of characters for the game.

Now I thought I was ahead of the game with Skylanders, I bought it for my son’s birthday back before the Holiday rush and started getting characters whenever I happened to see some there. As this was happening I thought how great this game was for my son, each new character we would get would have new powers, open up other areas of the game itself and it was fun for all of us to play together.

Let’s fast forward to now, I have taken my son to Toys R Us, Walmart, and any other store that I think may have Skylanders only to see an empty display and a very disappointed little boy on multiple occasions. Then I look online to see if I can find some for him and see lots for sale at double, triple, or even quadruple the price!!! So after seeing this I turned to social media to find out why this is the case, according to Activision (the makers of the game) their distributors are shipping out skylanders weekly and according to the stores I have been to (Toys R Us, Walmart, etc) they hadn’t seen a shipment in three weeks. So who is lying and who is telling the truth?? I had heard rumblings that Toys R Us has been holding back stock for a big release on March 21st and that there would be plenty of Skylanders that day. Well today is March 21st and my parents are in line at Toys R Us in Florida and have been there since 8am (by the way thank you mom and dad for doing this you are the best parents/grandparents in the world) and they have been told that there are 4 different sklyanders in, they have 10 of each in stock, and you are only allowed to buy 1 per customer. I have to say that is just plain brutal!!

Thinking back to a few years ago I remember when the Wii came out, I remember the massive shortage of Wiis, the massive line ups at Toys R Us trying to get one as well as the way overpriced Wiis on ebay. Now you can walk into any store anywhere and there are plenty of Wiis for sale and for very low prices. The question I have is why?? Why is it that when something first comes out you can never find it and once the hype is over they are easy to get??

The answer to this in my opinion is simple, these companies want you in the store. If you have to come in every week to look for something that is not in stock you may buy something else. I get it, but I really think it is going too far now and may start having the opposite effect. I am at the point where I am so ticked off with these companies that if I have no other choice but to go there I will but if I can get what I need to buy elsewhere that is where my future money will go. I think if more people started doing this these companies may just smarten up and stop this strategy of limiting supply to increase demand and these scalper types who buy low to sell high would end up out of business. I read on a blog the other day about a skylander which I bought for $10 was on ebay for $75 and I feel bad for the parent that will end up paying over 7 times the retail price to get this skylander for their son or daughter.

The funny thing about this is the fact that we all know in about 6 months time there will be plenty of skylanders in stock everywhere and they will be easy to get. Unfortunately the next big thing will be out and we as parents will be forced to move heaven and earth to find the next big thing for our kids.