Swimming Lessons

First full class of swimming this morning started off great (well behaved and good waiting). Funny thing, the kid that was a bit of a bully to my son in school last year ended up being in the same swimming class. As they started swimming across the pool my little guy was ahead of the bully. I found myself quietly cheering and wanting my little guy to race the bully and at one point felt like I was about to scream at the top of my lungs (I held back of course). Then the proud dad moment happened and sure enough my little guy got to the other side first!!!
Of course there were moments throughout the class where my son would not pay attention and do his own thing but I have come to accept this and be more patient than I used to be. Every small victory that comes along I treat it as a major one so this ended up being one of those great moments to be proud of.
The end result was a fun time for my son and daughter and a little proud moment for daddy so all in all it was a great start to the day. Next up golf for me, birthday party for the kids and I tomorrow, and Monday will be the first Beavers class!!


About me

Hello, I am a father of an amazing little boy that was diagnosed as mild to moderate on the Autism Spectrum a few months before his 3rd birthday.  Since his diagnosis there have been good times and bad, a lot of stress and a lot of joy.  I decided to start writing my thoughts and experiences as he now starts into the journey of school and felt it would possibly help some other dads going through the same experiences that I have and will in the future.  To protect my son’s identity I have decided not to use his name or mine but the experiences are real as are the challenges faced.

Since his diagnosis, I am proud to say with the dedication and persistence of both myself and his mom (my former spouse) we have had our son re-diagnosed as PDD-NOS and he has made amazing progress.
I started writing this blog as a way to just simply share the ups and downs of my life in the hopes that it would help someone else that is going down the road I have been traveling.  I have had my fair share of challenges thrown at me and no matter how challenging it has gotten I have done my best to remain positive.  Sure sometimes there is a bad day but as long as you think the next day will be better there will always be a light at the end of the tunnel.  Once it is all said and done we are only here for a very short time so we might as well make the most of the time we have with the people we love.
Hope you enjoy the journey.