A Small Holiday Sacrifice

Well it is that time of year again, trees are decorated, houses are covered in lights, and children everywhere are struggling to contain their excitement.  Of course I am talking about the holiday season and the eventual visit from everyone’s favorite man in red.  This is probably one of my favorite times of the year and this year will be no different.  Friends that I haven’t seen in a long time will be around, drinks will be had (responsibly of course), there will be plenty of visitors and visiting, and of course there will be gifts!!


Over the years one thing that I have noticed and have been guilty of myself is going overboard on the Christmas shopping and over the years I have noticed something.  I have a lot of toys that may have been used for a couple of days (maybe weeks) and then never used again.  Both us parents and Santa give our kids so much stuff that in a lot of cases it isn’t even used, and all the while there are families out there that don’t have the ability to do this.  The saddest part of all is that there are some children out there that may not have anything under the tree.  I have thought about this a lot recently and as I have been preparing to get my shopping done (those who know me know full well I haven’t started yet) an idea came to me.  This year I am not going to buy as many presents as I have done before, both for myself and for my kids, yes the kids are going to get plenty of toys, clothes, etc, but I am not going to go overboard with it.  This year I am just going to buy them the key things that they want and a few odds and ends and that will be it.


Am I the worst dad in the world for doing this?  I prefer to think I am not, I like to think that I am giving the kids what they want and no matter what they are going to have the same excitement opening their presents this year and if there are a few less they won’t even notice.  What I am going to do this year is what I encourage everyone to do, go and buy an unwrapped gift or two and donate it.  Toy Mountain is a great cause and they are going to make sure that as many children as possible are going to wake up on Christmas morning and see a gift under the tree for them.  I have heard so much about this cause lately and some friends of mine have been heavily involved with it and I think that my little sacrifice in my own house is well worth it if it can put a smile on another child’s face.  As my children get older and we continue this tradition I think they won’t mind a little sacrifice as well.


So this holiday season when you are out in the madness that is your local Toys r Us or Walmart trying to get your shopping done.  Why not take one of those toys that  you are going to bring home only to see it packed away in your basement sometime in January and give it to the fine people at Toy Mountain.  Something tells me the feeling that you will get doing that will feel just as good.


Happy Holidays!!


All the best