There Are So Many Great People Out There

So since I started writing this blog it has always been a kind of solo venture for me.  I was using this a way for me to put together my thoughts and whether it was read or appreciated by anyone else didn’t really matter to me.  My goal was to just put my story out there so I could look back on it one day and remember the lessons I have learned and all of the good times and bad.

As time has gone by and each post has been written, posted, and read something really great ended up happening.  People started reading what I was writing and seemed to really like what I had posted (well at least I hope they like it).  I also took to social media and started meeting some amazing people with their own stories to tell, and through all of this I have met so many amazing people and each one of them have taught me something and given me a gift that I will always appreciate.

Last night I had the opportunity to go to my first tweet up and actually got to meet some of these great people face to face for the first time.  This was truly an amazing experience for me to see all of these people who I felt I already knew from reading and sharing stories together through twitter, blogs, Facebook and even LinkedIn.  I even had the privilege of meeting other people that I feel I will be connected with for life by our shared stories and challenges we have faced in life.

My big take away from this tweet up opportunity was the fact that all of these great people each had their own story to tell and I got the chance to talk and learn more about each of them.  The more we all talked the more I came to the realization that we all have so many challenges and hurdles to face in our life and just when you think that you are all alone you realize that there are so many great people out there that may have faced the same challenges as you.  They may be able to give you the advice or guidance you need to make it through that challenge in life and in turn you actually may be able to return the favor to them or even pay it forward to someone else down the road.  So no matter how tough you think it is out there and how alone you may feel when dealing with the stress of life, never be afraid to reach out.  There will always be a great person out there that will be more than happy to catch you when you are about to fall.

So to all of those great people that I was so honored to meet last night, thank you so much for sharing your stories with me.  I look forward to continuing our relationship and bond for a very long time, and to those out there that are looking for that person to catch you don’t be afraid to put yourself out there.  There is always going to be someone out there to listen and give you the guidance and advice you are searching for.

All the best!