What a Week!!

Well to quote my title what a week it has been!! First off I want to acknowledge the successful launch of the the CHEO blog for moms and dads. This is a blog that has so many fantastic contributors, writing fantastic posts for parents in the Ottawa area and I am so happy and honored to be included with these great bloggers. You can see the blog at the following link cheomoms.com and find myself and some other great people contributing their stories and advice for you to enjoy and learn from.

I also had the honor and privilege to see two of the happiest and nicest people I know celebrate their third anniversary together and to the surprise of one of them we got to share in a great marriage proposal (which of course was accepted). As I mentioned before this couple has to be one of the nicest and happiest couple I have ever met. They are the type of people that no matter what the issue, what is going on, wherever you are, if you need them they will answer the call and never hesitate to do so. They are also two people that I am proud and honored to call friends.

Watching this couple evolve and go through the ups and downs of the modern relationship has been a learning experience for me. In this day and age most of the people that get together have a much different set up than years ago, you see the majority of couples that are out there now may have former spouses, children, and a host of other things that the old traditional family didn’t really see. When people get together now in a relationship there are a lot of factors to consider compared to the past and with that comes questions that need to be answered.

When should I introduce my kids to this person?

How will this person be once we have committed ourselves to a relationship?

Will we be able to accept the new roles as step parent?

Do we have the same attitude and values towards parenting?

There are so many other questions and this list could go on but I am assuming you get the picture. The problem with these questions is that there are no easy answers, and I personally think that you have to learn as you go and sometimes mistakes can be made. Fortunately life is a learning experience and although all of the answers may never present themselves the lessons learned will make a person stronger and smarter.

To go back to my friends, I have seen them go through the ups and downs and each time they have learned from the experience and their bond has gotten stronger through each challenge they have faced. They both have children from previous marriages and have done an amazing job of working together with all of the children and have managed to be able to co-parent as well (with the odd issue but it seems to work out for the best).

So my final note to these two amazing people, congratulations. I couldn’t be more happy and more proud of the both of you (I also can’t wait for the wedding, it will be a blast). You both have found what so many people look for in life and you will make an amazing husband and wife combination.

All the best 🙂